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Protecting Your Loved Ones When They Need It The Most. Whether you are a business owner ,family or an investor there is solution to meet everyone needs.

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  • Universal Life Insurance is the most flexible type of insurance. You can custom fit it to your needs. You can combine a term and permanent insurance. This type of insurance to also contains a savings and investment element that can be used for a variety of needs. The savings death benefit and premiums are all things that can be customized to meet ones on going needs. 



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  • Business owners and high earning professionals can protect their income as well. It can also be structured to pay for expenses related to the business. Premiums are also tax deductible and can be a safety net when you need it the most.    

  • Disability insurance is designed to provide money if you become serious ill or injured. It allows you to continue to pay the bills during a time when you need to focus on getting better.  illness or injury. It allows you and your family to maintain your lifestyle during a difficult period.    


  • Term Insurance: is life insurance that is in place for a specified period of time. Ie: 10, 20, 30 years. It is the most affordable type of insurance. It is good for short term debts and can be converted into permanent before maturity. However, price increases tenfold and generally expires at the age of 80.   


  • Whole Life Insurance is permanent insurance. The price stays the same for the entire duration of the policy. It also contains a savings account that can be used further down the line for things such as retirement, renovate your home or to take your dream vacation. 

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Nurse Taking Notes

How long could you last on your last pay cheque if you were to contract Cancer or any other terminal illness? 

  • If we were standing in a room of 100 people how many people would raise their hand and say " I know someone who has been affected by Cancer? Could a lump sum cheque helped make things easier for that person?

  • The great news is that with medical advances the survival rate is very high.What about the costs associated with recovering? 

  • Critical Illness is the bridge that provides you a lump sum tax free payment after 30 days upon being diagnosed of a critical illness. You can use the funds to pay off debt, get the best of treatment or pay for a spouse to stay home.

  • It can even refund you back all your money in the event that you don't claim. 

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