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Are you aware of the impact that inflation can have on your purchasing power?

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  • Food

  • Transportation

  • Insurance

  • Housing

  • Water


Determining the difference between needs and wants is never an easy choice in todays world. Here are are some options to help bring balance in you every day affairs.  

Now each person may decide as to which one belongs in what categories. With a little creativity you can find a happy balance. 

You can: find discount deals on travel. You can trim down house costs and waste such as expensive cable packages. Or you can shop on sale for designer clothes. By monitoring your spending on a regular basis you will become more conscious of how you use money. You will be able to enjoy life an no longer live in the red. 



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  • Paying yourself first. Aim for 10% of your income

  • Establishing an emergency fund (3-6months of expenses)

  • Establish a game plan for short and long term goals for monies outside of this


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  • Designer clothes

  • Eating out at fancy restaurants daily

  • Travel

  • Starbucks

  • Entertainment


  • Try using a reward system for accomplishing short and long term goals by setting up a savings and a reward account. 

  • Automate your savings. Even if it's a small amount to start. Given enough time your pot of gold will start to grow. 



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They say it's not what you earn it's what you keep. The biggest roadblock to wealth is TAXES. Are you aware of the destructive effects that inflation has on your money? 

Here is some food for thought!   If you had a penny and you doubled it every day for 30 days you would have a little over $5.3 million dollars. If you had to pay taxes on that you would only be left with $2,501,354. CRA would take almost $2.8 million in taxes

Would you like to learn how to use little secrets of the wealthy to keep more money in your family bank account so that it works harder for the people you care about instead of CRA?

You work hard for your money. So naturally you want your money working just as hard. An area that is commonly overlooked is taxation on your investments. 

Did you know if you were to keep $10,000 in a non-registered GIC account at the bank based on todays rates it would take you 57.5 years to double your money? This doesn't take into the tax you would pay every year on it

With over 20 million in asset management our experts can guide you along the way to to ensure three main objectives are accomplished


1) Preserve your money

2) Earn an above average return

3) Defer and minimize taxes.

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